LES SCHINI'S is a contemporary dance company strongly influenced by gestural theatre and object manipulation.

In July 2017, Melodie Cecchini and Gaetan Boschini joined their name (literally) and created the company LES SCHINI'S. Based in Bordeaux (France), the company has been resident at Lieu Sans Nom since September 2019 where it benefits from administrative support and support for the creation and to the screening of the play LE PETIT VIEUX.


Building on their past experiences as performers and the artistic and human network that Melodie and Gaetan have forged for themselves, the company creates and responds to projects with a European dimension:


NIVETTE, the company's first project, a short film screened at numerous festivals and winner of international awards, brings together a Franco-Spanish team.

YOUTH IN CONTACT and YOUTH IN ACTION two youth mediation projects supported by Erasmus+ for 2020-2021

Organisation of dance workshops with artists from all over Europe to participate in the development and consolidation of the artists' community of the movement in New Aquitaine.


Gourmand on the means of communicating art, the company's creative, transmission and mediation projects are often accompanied by photographic and/or cinematographic action to share with as wide an audience as possible.


Together or separately, they are both invited to share their experiences in many dance training centres in Europe.

They transmit their philosophy of movement and contact while enriching themselves with their complementarities: the release of Melody and history in Gaetan's movement. A complementarity that gives birth to a poetic, raw and spontaneous artistic identity within their creative work and pedagogical, which defines the company Les Schini’s.