Melodie and Gaëtan create their first joint project, "NIVETTE", whose action takes place in Spain.

Old age is a subject that particularly affects them, both socially and artistically; in collaboration with different artists, each with different but complementary disciplines, they have managed to draw the quintessence of this theme in the making of this short film.

They later became...




In her routine, what happens when she notices the old man? Nivette, 28 years old, gets up every morning with this feeling of malaise, mental fatigue, foggy thinking and weak body.

With the certainty of having the disease of Old Age.



Production : Les Schini's

Coproduction : Brufu

Distribution : Émilie cadeau (FR-UK) - Richard klug (GER) - Anthony Kevork (ESP)

Caméra : Louis Fonalleras

Caméra + Photos assistant : Pau Bru

Music : Youn Lohmann

Sound recording : Hector

Costume et Make-up : Daisy Cadeau

Hairdressing : Charlotte Lurachi 

Casting : Mélodie Cecchini - Gaetan Boschini



Paradoxically, if we could build ourselves and move forward in our lives but not in time, that would be ideal. Regardless of choices and desires, we are all inevitably moving in the same direction: old age.

A pejorative resonance that frightens: "old", "old"; a term that has become politically incorrect.

Like a taboo, we prefer not to think about it.

The fear of aging is the fear of being forgotten, alone, dependent on society, far from youth.


But is that what old age is all about?


How can we let go and accept the inevitable?


What if we gave a new role, a new importance to the elderly?


What if they become actors in the transmission again?


Aging is also about learning the wisdom that time and experience bring to us. Understand what it means to age in order to renew the bond between young and old.

To allow them to transmit us, to transmit us, in turn, in the not so distant future.

France - Spain

Comedy off the Movement

8 min

Short Film